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The Simpsons Tapped Out user appreciation post

☆Welcome to the appreciation thread☆
Why do you love playing Tapped Out?
Good energy only!!
Happy holidays!!!
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  • has captivated my attention for 10 years. I appreciate that they bring my beloved characters into my lap every day. I enjoy town building with landmarks I already know from the show. I appreciate all the wacky business name puns! And I enjoy havin a creative outlet that allows me to build complex, pleasurable designs using a very simple app -- that I also enjoy sharing with other enthusiasts working w the exact same medium! Sharing here is like participating in one of those "wine and art" class things I see the kids doing today. (LOL) I miss the days when we all shared in the "WHYDW" threads 😐
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • It helps me regulate my emotions. No matter what is going on in the world or how things change, I can tune into my little Springfield and feel the same good emotion I always have. It's my little zen place, it's therapeutic and calming and after all these years something I look forward to.
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  • I'm probably one of the oldest TSTO players (75). Been piddling with this game for more than 10 years and still enjoy a half hour every morning tapping for toys. The game has a kind of broad appeal to a host of players who participate for any number of reasons, but foremost among those would be the Simpsons show itself. Controlling characters from TV is a hoot. My only wish for TSTO is that someday soon, we may see events that are truly different in scope - especially events which pit players against one another in a friendly competitive arena like some of the old events did. Oh, and I really like building and revising the monorail. My longest stretch is now close to 10 minutes including station stops. Keep up the good work, TSTO!
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  • 10 years ago I was at an IT Conference that had Steve Wozniak as a keynote speaker. During his time, I was distracted by my first Christmas on Tapped Out. I took the time to keep my tasks going instead of focusing on The Woz.

    During a family vacation at the lake I repeatedly drained my phone and basically ruined it from recharging while it was hot so that I could keep going on my farming to get to the 939 level.

    Good memories all around for this game. It has become part of my life.
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Been playing everyday since the day it launched on the US store. March 1 2012.

    Love this game, love the building and designing. Love collecting every single character. Love all the updates how they bring new stuff. It’s the one game that has got me hooked for over 10 years. I look forward to the next 10 years.

    Here’s hoping they release Just Stamp the Ticket Guy soon. Been waiting 10 years already.

  • Over the years my partner has asked me a few times already laughing if I never get tired of that game . ;)
    Yes , why does TSTO still attract me after all these years ?
    Because it has really become a part of my daily life.
    A bit away from all worries, creating your own fantasy world that you can improve over and over again.
    I really enjoy it ! That’s what counts for me !
    I therefore hope that we can continue to practice our favorite game for many,many years !
  • I like the colours and the animations. Very beautiful to watch. Also it is not a stressful game. But I don't know anyone else in Singapore playing this game. No one.
  • I used to play this game a bit too obsessively. I haven’t missed the grind at all - it’s been very relaxing the past couple of years, logging in once, maybe twice a day to check in on events and do a little reorganising. I like how a new event item or building completes an area or inspires a redesign of areas I thought were locked in. In @4junk3000’s animation thread I’ve discovered animations I wasn’t aware of. My new goal is to run through 500+ characters and their animations to find ones I’ve never tried - at a rate of maybe a couple of animations a day 😆
  • The game keeps me consistently engaged all of these years -- and I've been playing now for a decade -- because of the writing. It's funny, it's always in the voice of the characters for whom they are writing for (seriously, I hear the character's voices in my head), it's topical, but mostly because it's funny. Even more than occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. I have almost 17,000 donuts, but it's a please to continue to support the game monetarily because of the care taken to make TSTO truly feel like an extension of The Simpsons universe.
  • Been a fan of the game since pretty much when it started, I did walk away for a period of around 18 months after becoming disillusioned with it after getting hit by the 'Glitch' 3 times on the trot and loosing quite a few items although I did come back and now play around the issue of the glitch ( character finder not working, multiple in game mini games don't work, several build items reset to level 1 etc) but still enjoy the game.
  • For me the event that drew me in and got me playing daily along with spending money was "Burns casino" from what I remember I tried to be with the game since day one. But had a limited phone. And then I finally did get to play but had to get a template town after some time because I did not have a EA account. But ever since the casino update I was hooked to build a better town. I remember sitting out of the stone cutters update. This game is probably my longest ever played game and that's saying something considering it's mobile and I have been a console gamer most of my life.

    I remember playing this game while sitting in a stadium at my sister's college graduation. And the countless times of feeling bliss while playing music and tapping while hearing sound effects. I'd hate to see this game end. But I believe the game is going as strong as the show. I remember the build up of kwik e Marts. I could swear that I'd know right about when the four hour mark was since I refreshed my four hour jobs so many times. I remember getting to show my grandmother's my towns in the smaller stages. The thing I love most about this game is the individuality and how there is massive designing options. I've created memorable designs in my fair share of playing. And one of the good things about this game is that it updates often.

    Well tapped out... it's been a good several year and I look forward to hopefully several more. I love building a simpsons town and reading the stories within my town. Hearing sound effects while playing music is great also. I look forward to more tapped out fun!
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
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