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Agnes stuck in a job

This was a funny one. If you sent your characters to do 4hr jobs using the Unemplyment Office and then after 4hr you got the final step of THOH 33, when you got the Sideshow Chicken and its quest and Agnes was with other ingnoring Sideshow Chicken you could harvest those characters ad infinitum.

Eg. The huge lot of characters including Agnes never got out of the building they were doing the Ignore Sideshow Chicken job. If you just collected them and entered the friends screen, coming back you had the money & experience and the characters were still collectible. So you could just collect them, enter the friends screen (or even exit the game) and come back and the characters were still collectible.

In one of my games I did exploit this a little bit because in that game I doid not have maxed IRS. So I generated money to max it and got some 20 donuts from the experience (939 level game). Took about 20 minutes. So not very lucrative bug.


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