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The Atom Smasher Event: Autumn Blunder Walkthrough

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Tank It To The Bank

automatic Trigger

Homer : It's finally here! Thanksgiving! Time to partake in the annual traditions of watching the Cowboys play football and making fun of Jerry Jones getting one year closer to death without winning another Super Bowl.

Marge : That's all you're looking forward to?

Homer : Oh yeah, there's the second football game today with the Springfield Atoms!

Homer : I'm hitting the couch for the games. You can leave the turkey and other stuff on the side table next to the remote. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Homer : Make Homer Kiss His Children Goodnight at Noon Count : 1x

Time : 6s

Homer : Make Homer Manspread on the Couch Count : 1x

Time : 6s

Marge : Sorry Homer, but you can't just isolate from everyone else this Thanksgiving. That would be rude, because we have a guest!

Homer : You invited a GUEST ON THANKSGIVING??? What were you thinking??? Who does such a thing?

Marge : That's the doorbell. Be polite, Homer.

Homer : He'd better like football. And not like food.

Ned : Howdydiddlyo! Thanks for the inviterino! Hey, you mind if I change the channel? Joel Osteen is doing his annual Thanksgiving Day reading from the book of Matthew!

Reward : 100 money 10 XP

Autumn Blunder Pt. 1
automatic Trigger

Ned : Hey Homer, would you like to...

Homer : "Watch the football game while I walk out the door without saying another word?" That sounds great!

Ned : Actually, I was going to ask if you wanted to try my homemade cranberry sauce I brought over.

Homer : What a fantastic idea: I'm going to take food made by a nonprofessional and put it in my body. What could go wrong?

Marge : You eat what I cook for you...

Homer : But that's your job!

Event Hub Opens

Collect Footballs x115

Homer : Make Homer Apologize for Calling Cooking a Job Count : 1x

Time : 4h

Marge : Make Marge Cook as a Job Count : 1x

Time : 4h

Black Friday Panel Opens
Free Golden Mystery Box Token
Unused Golden Tokens can be traded for donuts in the store!
Day Old Donuts starts
Spend a Golden Token on Donuts x1 (Optional)
More Golden Tokens can be purchased with limited time donut bundles. Use the Golden Tokens to open the Gold Mystery Box, which includes the Donut-generating Lard Lad Donut Factory and Costmo!
Who’s Ready for Black Friday? quest reward: 100 money 10 XP

Ned : These pigs in blankets are amazing, Marge!

Marge : Pigs in blankets? I didn't make pigs in blankets.

Ned : Really? Homer handed one to me and said you did! And then he sprinkled it with "Marge's special salt".

Marge : HOMER!!!! Lisa, be a good daughter and induce vomiting in Ned while I talk to your father, would you?
Item reward: Choke Cam
Reward : 100 money 10 XP

Homer : Son, I've got great news! I just got off StubHub, and we're going to today's football game!

Bart : You and me? Father and son?

Homer : No, me and Ned. If I gotta hang out with him, I'm gonna do it where I can also watch the game.

Ned : Football game? I'm not sure I'll like it.

Homer : You'll love it! It's right up your alley. It's a huge venue with tens of thousands of people treating something as really important that actually makes no practical difference in their lives.

Homer : See you guys later on! And remember to save me both of the turkey legs.

Homer : And all of the stuffing.

Homer : And all of the mashed potatoes.

Homer : And the rest of the turkey.

Homer : Just to clarify, all of the turkey.

Collect Footballs x155

Homer : Make Homer Find His Beer Guzzler Helmet Count : 1x

Time : 4h
Bart : Make Bart Remember This for Future Therapy Count : 1x

Time : 4h

Item reward: Tex-ida Football Academy
Reward : 100 money 10 XP

Autumn Blunder Pt. 3
automatic Trigger

KentBrockman : Grayson Mathers calls an audible and barks out a new play at the line of scrimmage...he goes back to pass...and the pass is incomplete!

Homer : How could he call that play?

Lenny : Unbelievable! What a moron!

Carl : My dog would know that play wouldn't work!

Ned : This is my first game. What play should he have called instead?

Lenny : Oh, we have absolutely no idea.

Carl : I couldn't even diagram a football play, so don't ask me.

Homer : It's one of the great joys of being an American — being a nonexpert and yelling at people who have specialized knowledge.

Collect Footballs x115

Lenny : Make Lenny Yell at Refs About Calls Count : 1x

Time : 4h
Carl : Make Carl Yell at Refs About Calls Count : 1x

Time : 4h
Homer : Make Homer Yell at Doctors About Medicine Count : 1x

Time : 4h

Kaitlyn : Hey guys! I'm Kaitlyn, Grayson Mathers' wife! I'm shooting the latest episode of my web series at halftime in the locker room with Grayson, and I was wondering if you'd like to join me!

Carl : Wow! What's it called, something like "The Fans Meet Grayson"?

Kaitlyn : Close. It's actually called "Say It to His Face!" Where you get to repeat all the criticisms of my husband I've heard you make today, and say them to his face!

Homer : I think we'll take a pass.

Kaitlyn : Well in that case, I'll just have to post the video I took last season of when you three ended up on the Kiss Cam.

Lenny : Crap! I knew that would come back to bite us. Way to go, Homer.

Homer : How was I supposed to know the cam was actually focused on the couple behind us? And it's not like there was any tongue.

Carl : At least she wasn't at the game where we thought we were on the Wedding Proposal Cam.

Reward: Grayson Mathers Sports Car

Reward : 100 money 10 XP


Autumn Blunder Pt. 4
automatic Trigger

Kaitlyn : Grayson, I brought a few of your "fans" to meet you. Here's Carl, Lenny, and Homer.

Grayson Mathers : Homer! Man, you are really bad at your job. How could you set the reactor power at that level? Unbelievable! What a moron! My dog would know that power level wouldn't work!

Homer : Oh, I get it, you're doing same thing to us as we did to you.

Grayson Mathers : No, actually, I have a friend who works at the plant. He says you, Homer Simpson, are specifically bad at your job.

Carl : I've always wanted to yell at you at work like that myself.

GraysonMathers : Homer, I'm gonna give you a chance to redeem yourself. The team's a little down since we have to play on Thanksgiving. I'm thinking a fan motivational speech might be just what we need.

Homer : Can I not say, "Win one for this sick or dead person"?

Grayson Mathers : Say whatever you want, as long as you don't leave coach any time to talk about my four interceptions.

Collect Footballs x155

Homer : Make Homer Give the Halftime Speech Count : 1x

Time : 4h
Carl : Make Carl Gag at Locker Room Smell Count : 1x

Time : 4h
Lenny : Make Lenny Gag at Locker Room Smell Count : 1x

Time : 4h
Ned : Make Ned Faint From Locker Room Talk Count : 1x

Time : 4h

Homer : Look guys, I know it's a bummer to play on Thanksgiving...

Homer : Unlike fans like me, who get to avoid our families by watching the game, you know your family has rescheduled Thanksgiving for tomorrow and there's no way to avoid them!

GraysonMathers : So this is what it's like to play for a genius like Belichick...

Reward Sportswardsies Center

Reward : 100 money 10 XP

Autumn Blunder Pt. 5
automatic Trigger

KentBrockman : And that's the end of what will forever be known as the Thanksgiving Day Massacre.

KentBrockman : The Springfield Atoms are outscored 55-0 in the second half and lose 87-10. Grayson Mathers, this performance will surely put a damper on your delayed family Thanksgiving tomorrow.

GraysonMathers : Actually, I won't be able to make it, because we played so bad today coach canceled our day off and scheduled practice.

KentBrockman : Hoo boy. Bet you're upset about that.

GraysonMathers : You're right I'm upset...that it took us so long to discover football genius Homer Simpson! It's that guy's halftime plan that got us out of Thanksgiving!

Collect Footballs x195

GraysonMathers : Make Grayson Mathers Happily Miss Thanksgiving Count : 1x

Time : 4h
Homer : Make Homer Be Awarded the Game Ball Count : 1x

Time : 4h

Reward : 100 money 10 XP
Reward: Kaitlyn

Marge : Sorry that Homer was such a bad host, Ned. First he wouldn't eat your sauce, then he takes you to a game but makes the Atoms lose.

Ned : Oh I'm actually happy they lost!

Marge : You are?

Ned : I'm playing the church organist in fantasy this week. He started Grayson at QB and had the Atoms' DST. Looks like another big victory for the Flanders Salamanders!

Homer : You play fantasy? But I thought you hated football.

Ned : I do, but our league has a $1,500 first prize, and I LOVE the prosperity gospel.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils Reward : 200 money 20 XP

End Event Screen

Free Shattered Dreams Box Token
SD box opens
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