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Calling all Level 939's

Hoping the high level players are willing to hop on the thread and share their town designs. I'd love to see what others have done. I'm hoping this thread can get enough people to wow newer players! So I'll start with my town. My username also is "Simpsonare" if you'd like to add me.
$$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg


  • Here's a full res link of my town.
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
  • Castiel_Touk
    4844 posts Member
    edited November 2022
    Well here's my town so far.
    I'm trying something new by creating section so like krustyland, old west, downtown etc...
    Been doing a lot of redesign and its a bit of a mess with the black friday stuff
    Here have a banana!!
  • skollthewolf
    527 posts Member
    edited November 2022
    Here you are. Speaking as someone who has nuked their town multiple times, I think this is my favorite configuration.3cnrk7jdm0oa.png
  • 4junk3000
    6446 posts Member
    edited November 2022
    This is great! I’m always trying to get newbs excited about this game. Since I started as a Freemium player, I definitely know the "sour grapes" anxiety of not having enough donuts for all the premium event stuff. But now that I am donut rich, I try to encourage others with designs and info that hopefully inspire them to commit to a long term playing experience, and of course spend some cash to keep it afloat. In fact, I splurged this Black Friday and spent real cash myself! (I’ll be making a post discussing this soon)

    Anyway, here’s my latest town portrait. Idk how you folks are 939 and yet still have so much free space! This event’s items with the Atoms stadium I built has consumed one of the last large empty land parcels I was saving. I’m now about 98% full.
    I really wish we could zoom in just a tiny bit more without over-pixelating. *sigh*
    During the next event break, I will be enhancing this map to draw neighborhoods and district boundaries.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • 56g0kb4bqbie.png

    I hope my pockets of undeveloped land and parks shows the boundaries of neighborhoods.
  • p0v651fnuch6.png

    Always a work in progress but this is my Springfield currently. I’m very sporadic with my design efforts. Hit the item limit again recently which has put my designing on hold a bit.
  • AirurandoP
    861 posts Member
    edited December 2022

    Posted in the Panoramic Tread already but here it is again. You used to be able to zoom in on these. Can't seem to do it anymore. Am I posting it wrong?
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  • Snow and all…I’m resisting spending donuts on the rest of the land, but I’m getting there. Slowly but surely.
  • uoce7aobd9et.png

    A hodge podge
  • I’ll probably post again when the snow clears up, looks better without.
  • Messing around with some land expansion but this is what my town currently looks like
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