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Creating an account

I had an anonymous game going on my new tablet and decided to make it public. Created a google account and tried to create an ea-account on that and it failed. The anonymous game is gone but the new ea-account that it was transfered to was not created and all I get from the site is that there is a problem with account creation. When will this be resolved?


  • It could be because the google account was too new/ not verified if you have to do that. Check out your account on ea.com, check that your EMAIL is VERIFIED and add an ALTERNATIVE email address (That you will not lose access to) and a real phone number (useful as alternative methods for security codes), then verify all your details.-
    Once you've checked everything, change your password to be less than 15 characters with only letters and numbers in it. (It can take a couple minutes to reflect it in game) Do not change your password while the game is open on a device
    other than that, you should contact ea directly for help using the in game help button
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