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Where are my Golden tokens?

Does anyone know where golden tokens are stored or how to find how many one has?
I should have at least 3, but the task book asking me to exchange tokens for donuts only shows one. Which I don't want to do. I'd rather keep them for mystery boxes.


  • I may have read in another post that tokens change for each event. So accumulating them may be pointless. Scope some other threads here about tokens and maybe you see what i mean. I think also, someone here has a collection of each token from every event that offered them? Hopefully they chime in and clarify this.
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  • Tokens are different for each event and mystery box. They are unique to the event, and if you don't have any items in the box, your only use for them is to exchange them for donuts. They can be saved, but not used in other events.
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  • AFIK the only way to see old tokens is if there's a trade option for them, but that will only show how many different types rather than how many of each you have.
    Only the Shattered Dreams tokens carry over from one event to the next, the rest are unique to the event they show up in and can't be used for anything except that event's box or to trade.
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