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Vote for "Steamed Hams" Update

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edited April 17
The update will have a typical Quest with missions and rewards and stuff... But the main feature will be a set of permanent Jobs for Seymour Skinner, Gary Chalmers, and Agnes Skinner.
Seymour's permanent Jobs:
Answer the Door - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Check on the Roast - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
"Perform isometric exercise" - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Purchase fast food - Krusty Burger - 10 seconds
Bluff his way through the luncheon - Skinner's House - 60 seconds
Escort Gary out - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Gary's permanent Jobs:
Arrive for the luncheon - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Be seated and wait... - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
"Seymour!" - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Return to the dining room - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Question everything - Skinner's House - 60 seconds
Thank the "odd fellow" for the "steamed hams" - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Agnes's permanent Jobs:
Go upstairs - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Be disappointed in her son - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Open a window - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Watch her son run to Krusty Burger - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
Wait for disaster to strike - Skinner's House - 60 seconds
Inform Seymour that the house is on fire - Skinner's House - 10 seconds
I imagine some of the rewards could include:
A table with tray of "steamed hams" on
An outfit for Seymour with his apron on
The fire truck from the end of the segment
And other references to the entire episode, such as:
An outfit for Lisa with the chewing gum in her hair
The Tall Guy as a character and his car as a decoration
Milhouse with the knight helmet and mace
The bridge that Bart & Milhouse stood on at the start and finish of the episode
An outfit for Prof. Frink with him holding his title card, and an obvious Job would be him frantically trying to get someone's attention so he can tell his tale.
And many more rewards and purchasable items from that episode
I think this would be a good update, and a classic call-back to a great episode. What do you think?


  • mwdalton
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    And you call them steamed hams when they’re obviously grilled?
  • alstorey20956
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    edited April 26
    (Awkwardly stammers) Excuse me for one second.
  • mwdalton
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    Great idea, probably too many 10 second tasks for a realistic event or storyline, unfortunately. Seems like the standard task length for events for many years has been pinned at four hours. Such a good episode.
  • Yeah, for the event versions of those tasks, they would be 4 hours each. But once the event is over, those tasks will still be available to those characters as 10 & 60 second tasks for the purpose of being able to play the whole Steamed Hams scene quickly. Or perhaps a better way would just be to give Skinner a permanent Job of "Hosting an unforgettable luncheon" requiring his house, Chalmers and Agnes, and the Job will last the length of the original short story.
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