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Well back AGAIN444

I don't how many times I left and came back. A few things in my life changed. But in the most part, same person. Got logged into my game today, smh.....idk what made me come back per say, but just this last week I was thinking about it. I had unfinished business with it, with the Removing of the Heights Stones and forest stuff I never finished doing. I missed so many events its not even funny. But, Spooky time is coming around the corner. So, I want to be ready for that for sure. idk if they upped the "item" limit again or not, I hope by now they did. This is a number 1 factor and question I ask every time I come back after a long period of time....also is the reason why I wasn't able to do past events. Kind of hard to do an event if you can't "place" ANY items anymore.
~Always be Designing~
Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
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