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Too many donut Items

here the following thread explains how there is much more free items then premium items


Also i might add that I believe this is EA's most profitable game.
Why would they change it if people are willing to pay the premium?

I do agree some items are overpriced and they would probably make more money overall if they dropped the prices a little. but to them people are buying it so why change it


  • PoppyGalaxy
    12 posts
    edited September 2013
    Come on people. The game is free and without advertisement, be happy whit what you get.
    Sure some things are overpriced, Sherri and Terri i comes to mind as a prime example, but you don't need it and can play perfectly well without any of the Premium stuff.
  • HillyBillyOli
    1422 posts Member
    edited September 2013
    Id be happy to watch adverts for donuts. There would have to be a daily limit on it though.
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