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General off-topic discussion

A tread like this is highly needed now that you mods have deleted most off-topic threads. There should be one place we could just talk. If we keep most off-topic talk in one single thread, that should be easier to maintain than 50 off-topic threads daily. Wasn't that the reasoning behind the other off-topic thread, which actually got locked for some reason?

Anyway, I know you mods don't want too many sticky threads, but if we are going to have a single discussion off-topic thread, it should be stickied. I am sure there are atleast one of the already stickied threads at the time I'm writing this, that could be unstickied... Or atleast you could merge EA terms of service-thread with the don't buy donuts from third party site-thread?

Shouldn't we be able to have a general off-topic discussion thread here?
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