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Make love, not war.

Hi everyone.

Okay, first of all I would like to apologise to everybody for falsely stating that a post of mine was deleted by the mods here. That was incorrect. I had posted something about DahnnnY stealing Neo's smiley as a joke, and I stupidly thought the post was removed because I actually posted it in a different thread. I didn't think to check my own recent posts. That whole thing is on me and I accept responsibility for that. Don't try to find the thread where I mentioned my post had been deleted because it doesn't exist anymore. Rightfully so.

Second of all, I would like to squash the rumours that I have left this forum. I haven't. Nor will I ever. This forum is a great place to be, whether it be conversing off-topic with the great community here about anything or whether it be comparing designs and talking about the game we have all come to love.

I would also like to endorse the decisions made by the moderating team here. People need to understand that there does need to be a balance between on and off topic threads in this forum because as the mods have stated: This forum is the first place people will go to if they need help with this game. It is the official forum of the game. Newbies shouldn't have to flip through pages of threads in order to actually find a topic related to this game.

The mods here really are doing the best with what they have. That statement could not be truer. They have indeed asked the admins of this forum for an off topic subforum to help control the balance. If a few threads are taking a while to load and they want to put a stop to that then that is completely fine with me.

A few threads were locked, he said this, she said that, don't concern yourselves with any rumours or innuendo you might hear. Everybody should just enjoy their time here because this forum has a lot to offer. Whether it be a friendly community, sound advice when it comes to game bugs or design discussion, or just general chit chat or banter between some good folks.

Thank you to lissarv68, cl891, Neo and mwdalton for the fantastic job you all do. I have moderated large chat rooms from back when the IRC chat network was popular, and let me tell you, it's not easy. Mods dedicate their time to protect these forums within the ToS and that's all that really matters. Some decisions may be made, even when they are not the popular ones and people should not take it to heart. Not much has changed, really. The mod team really do have the forums best interests at heart and I can appreciate that immensely.

Let's all put this whole thing behind us and get on with our lives, regardless of who is posting on what forum. I want to be able to keep contact with the very good friends that I have made here, and I will do whatever I can to make that happen. All of these silly arguments have really put a downer on everything recently. I am willing to forget that, and so should you.
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