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Chalmer Quest Question

I'm at the same spot as you, I took a Tapped Out-Free vacation last week, and will just finish building the Knowledium today.

From how the game normally works, it's a questline meaning the prior events are required before continuing. It's tied to the dialogue, so even though we could have done the tasks with the High School, it wasn't at that part of the dialogue.

I'm guessing that's an item that is unlocked for that quest. Like the Haunted Condo, it's not visible in the menu, but when you get to the quest it unlocks and can be built. Unless it's really the pond or campfire or something, not sure as I'm at the same spot as you.


  • frogger53
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    edited September 2013
    I think you need the Knowlegeum to continue... this quest line seems to have 3 smaller quest lines interacting with each other. But then I could be wrong.
  • hankscorpio23
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    edited September 2013

    I believe you will need the knowledgeum.

    Caber toss field is just a story line quest (don't actually build an item to add to your SF). Caber toss is explained in the storyline and without spoiling it it is a traditional Scottish competition.
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