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Some glitch/issues updates...

Since the App Store update, I'm no longer crashing in KL when assigning tasks! (Knock on wood!)


  • mwdalton
    11557 posts Member
    edited September 2013
    1) It appears you may now be able to click Bob in neighbors' KLs without it crashing. At least it worked for me yesterday.

    2) Anyone notice that the last 2 days, switching between neighbors list and neighbors towns has gotten much faster than only a week ago? Must have re-indexed the databases or something.

    5... 3, sir! 3) I did notice that my game crashed often a lot while I had McBain on his 24-hour task shooting the climactic scene when I would scroll over to that part of my map, soon as it got close, BLAM! Since I stopped putting him on that task, it's been nearly crash free.

    You may be onto something with that McBain thing, now that you mention it...I've been doing some 8 and 12 hour tasks a bit, lately, and having what feels like less crashes than when I'd doing all 24 hour tasks. It could be a coincidence, though, of course.

    The animation for the film set does looks pretty intense...
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