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Kaboom Button!!!

Why the heck doesn't this game have a kaboom button? One tap and all your income tax and characters are
hit at once!! We have better things to do than to search around and tap for half an hour to reset everything!
I'm at level 35 and sometimes I don't play because it's just too much work...lol...Poor Milhouse..lost his voice..

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  • subii42
    2737 posts New member
    edited September 2013
    Takes me 15 mins to tap everything and reset jobs.
    Tapping stuff is one of the main aims of the game.
  • simbass7
    1928 posts New member
    edited September 2013
    So EA should change name of the game to
    From simpsons tapped out to Simpsons: get lazy
  • datasurgeon
    1878 posts Member
    edited September 2013
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    So if they have a Kaboom button what are you going to do with all that extra time?
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