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How many donuts do I need for Halloween?

I started playing before Christmas as well but I believe 90 donuts was enough for the few premium items last Halloween. If I'm incorrect on that please someone correct me. Most of the items offered during special events you can collect by playing the game a lot and visiting friends so you don't need a whole lot of donuts for them.


  • SuperMario643000
    1589 posts
    edited September 2013
    Around 300 to be safe. You could get marge the witch for 90 do'hnuts .
    And Kang for 150, ( later changed to 100)
  • wanwarp
    39 posts
    edited September 2013
    60 for Mausoleum
    30 for raven

    so 90 i believe , but i would say you should have live 300 in case there more of premium this year.
  • simpsons7795
    817 posts Member
    edited September 2013
    Thanks, I forgot Witch Marge was another 90 donuts along with the other two items so yes, at least have several hundred to be safe this year.

    Edit - fixed typo
  • yellow-ATR
    19 posts
    edited September 2013
    300-350 donuts should be enough to get all premium items!
  • mikeydluffy
    2014 posts
    edited September 2013
    How long is a piece of string? I think I will go doughnut crazy this Halloween :mrgreen:
  • MaxxSpider
    5465 posts Member
    edited September 2013
    You don't need any donuts to complete Halloween
  • pmap89
    34 posts
    edited September 2013
    MaxxSpider wrote:
    You don't need any donuts to complete Halloween

    I think he is aware of that. He is asking about how many donuts he should save, it is implied he wants to know how much it is for the premium items right?

    Having that said, around 300
  • ErekD
    54 posts
    edited September 2013
    I know donuts aren't required to complete Halloween. I just wanted an idea of how many I should have ready so I don't miss out on any prems.
    Thanks for the responses.
  • bee88161
    2976 posts Member
    edited September 2013
    I wasn't around for last years Halloween but for this year I'm saving about 300, depends on decoration options though, if there are any nice premium decorations I'll most likely stock up on them and spend more donuts
  • tiger10036778
    842 posts
    edited September 2013
    I have been naughty :oops: I kept around 100 donuts back ready for halloween...... but they sit there in their sugary gloriusness and tell me to use them....abuse them.....even confuse them!!

    So I have used around 30 so far to help level 35 along..... something I dont normally do. Because of the number of 24 hour tasks I am scheduling them so as to leave around 8 hours on the tasks in the morning. Then I can finish the task for just 4 donuts :D

    As for halloween...... I'm gonna get me 900 :mrgreen: :twisted:
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