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Help! Repeating quests for Marge and CBG

Many of us are having the same issue with looped quests for different characters. I'm having the same problem, only I'm stuck with Grampa, Cletus & Willie

Grampa always wants to tell war stories on the couch
Cletus & Willie however ask me for different things


  • daftoldbird
    88 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    I'm stuck in the same loop, oops I just made a thread too
  • metalzone58
    15 posts
    edited November 2012
    Grampa always wants to tell war stories on the couch[\quote]

    Same issue here
  • jaffaface
    903 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    Moe and cletus are mine, cletus gets's different tasks but moe is constantly sent to perve on Marge.
  • battyguy
    1123 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    Its like the matrix.......
    Or a bad dream. I want to kill grandpa and cletus. :twisted:
    Is there anyone out there?
  • nnienn
    5 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    Met toooo :shock:. Only Cletus wants all his things done, in a loop. First whittle, then de-louse, then help Brandine, then brew moonshine.. And again, and again, and again. Which is totally fine but nothing else appears!

    I want a church, and Moe's, and,.. and.. :(
  • Jeebus42
    246 posts
    edited November 2012
    I've had Grampa telling stories on the couch every hour since Thu or Fri. Same with a short loop of Cletus missions. Krabapple missions done, but no News 6 mission/building from Quimby. Holding off on PO building, or do I need to build that 1st?

    #Update# I got the Sunday School missions done, waiting out Olive Branch pt.2. Grampa & Cletus still in a loop. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Started 9/30
    Level 23
    50,000 XP
    Got lemon tree 1st week of play :lol: ....
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  • nandireya
    20 posts
    edited November 2012
    I'm stuck in the Grandpa/Cletus loop too. I thought it was due to me having maxed out level 23 and owning all the buildings, but I guess not.
  • arnoutVI
    604 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    nandireya wrote:
    I'm stuck in the Grandpa/Cletus loop too. I thought it was due to me having maxed out level 23 and owning all the buildings, but I guess not.

    Also the same loop :( i find It really annoying , ok Cletus does different tasks But grandpa and his stories :roll:
  • mike_bornste
    941 posts
    edited November 2012
    Aside from the new tasks when I unlocked Edna and Kent (and was gifted Fat Tony -- thanks EA!), I've been in the Cleatus/Grandpa loop for several weeks.

    I'm actually ok with the Grandpa one. I think its funny that he's constantly tasked to tell the same stories ("...tied an onion to my belt, which was the style of the time....") but I would like it if some of my other characters ever "had" to do stuff.

  • julesg007
    374 posts
    edited November 2012
    mrshorgs88, got to admit first I've heard of Marge and CBG loops but most players have Grandpa, Cletus, Quimby, Luigi loops.

    What I'd do to see if it helps is put Moe's and Androids Dungeon into storage, log out of your game so it saves it on EA servers and delete your game just in case it has gone a bit funny. Download it again and bring both buildings back into the game and see what happens. It they still happen you may also have to put into storage the buildings of the characters that gave you the tasks to build Moe's and Androids Dungeon, so it may take a couple of attempts to try to resolve the problem, but as I am only a fellow game player I cannot guarantee that these actions will fix the problem but in a lot of instances they do seem to sort problems out.

    On a general note, whilst a bit tedious the looping tasks actually aren't that bad. Firstly you don't have to do the task straightaway so you can fit the task into your normal game play. The 8 and 12hr tasks I leave and get them done over night when the characters would be **** that length task anyhow. Also there is the extra $ and XP bonus you get from completing game generated tasks so it is a win win situation as far as I'm concerned, although when you've maxed out on lvl 23 XP it is a shame that the XP is likely not to count.

    Happy tapping everyone.
  • albert2k
    271 posts
    edited November 2012
    I have the same issue with granpa and cletus, I just keep with 1 hour task until the new update arrive.
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