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What's your poison?



  • 4junk3000
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    mwdalton wrote:
    I'm hitting the Dark&Stormies pretty hard today ;D
    What kind of Rum do you prefer?
    Holy waking the dead thread, Batman! You must be really hungover and in need of some "hair o' the dog"!

    I've been a Guinness drinker since high school. The nitrogen-gassed beer doesn't give me a headache.
    But now that I've burned off my beer gut, i don't want it back, so I've switched to hard liquor.

    I go through phases. Some drinks I've ordered regularly in the past:

    Kamikazes - vodka/lime/triple sec/soda
    Alabama Slammers - amaretto/southern comfort/sloe gin/orange juice
    Long Island Iced Teas - vodka/gin/rum/tequila/sourmix/cola
    Agave Margaritas - tequila/lime/agave nectar
    Frozen Pina Coladas - (@ SWK: CAPTAIN MORGAN'S PLEASE! )
    Jack Daniels + root beer
    Patron XO + black coffee
    Jim Beam + sweet tea w/lemon...My current default

    Now I'm thirsty...
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  • IckabodSchrek
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    Jack & Rootbeer???? :shock:
    DeesToonTown in Crawl to the Finish #The Grumple Is Free!
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