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jailbroken Springfields causing game issues?

I am having issues with visiting other friends towns, crashes when I get there, and also when I login I crash after 30 seconds then it is stable. I am not on a jail broken or hacked device, current iOS of 6.0.1, iPad 3. I guess the jail broken devices could cause some problems, but I don't think that is it as much as the scripts and coding for the game. There are always bugs, they find and fix, but it is a long process to get it perfect, but this is just my ignorant ametuer guess.


  • Tony68k
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    iPad 2, not jail broken, 100 friends.

    Never used to crash until the latest update, now it's pretty consistent. As soon as I go into the game and collect some $ it crashes without fail. I hit Retry and it works fine from that point onwards.

    Also, since the last update the game crashes when I attempt to visit friends. Other Springfields flash up for less than a second, then I get the cannot connect to server error.

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    I am playing on my iPad and its the one I brought way back in January, so the fact of jailbroken stuff is invaild. its just the * server.
  • xrobotlove
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    You're just lucky. It's a somewhat plausible theory, but I don't think that's it.
    I originally started playing before my iPod was jailbroken. But after it was jailbroken I still played it perfectly fine with no errors, never crashing, with 80-90 friends. And I've never hacked the game. I've been playing for several months, been a daily player since the end of September. I also played it on a normal- not jailbroken- iPad 2. I have two accounts and only one has issues, and the game still doesn't work whether I play it on the jailbroken iPod or normal iPad 2. The other account works on both devices. I also just undid the jailbreak on the iPod, which didn't do anything. My friends can all still visit the broken town, I've talked to people specifically about it, so they have friends with jailbroken devices and their towns work. One of them has a jailbroken iPhone and his town still works with no crashing.
    The one thing I thought that could possibly be related to jailbreaking is RAM. Jailbroken devices eat up tons of RAM and slows down your device. I actually couldn't really play games unless my iPod was in safe mode, which disables certain jailbreak "tweaks" or alterations, making the device free up memory making it able to play games that require a lot of memory. When I wasn't in safe mode, my free RAM would eventually dip to 8mb and the game would crash. In safe mode I could play seemlessly. But since I can't play the game on either device, I don't really think that was it either... Unless it caused the game to somehow label my account defective. Which isn't entirely far fetched since I literally cannot use origin whatsoever now. Before, I could login and enter the game for 5-10 seconds, just long enough to speed through the thanksgiving convo and place a balloon. Now, clicking on "tap to continue" it immediately goes to the cannot connect to server screen. Same goes with the Origin logo on the start up screen, where usually you can log out or view your friends. So with that also disabled I can't log out of the broken game to log into the working account.
    I don't know, the only thing we can do is speculate since EA won't release any kind of update on their statement on the matter. All it says is that they're aware of the problem and are working to fix it. That was on Thursday, November 8th. I've emailed EA and got a generic response telling me to troubleshoot, but it did ask for information on my device and its memory & Internet speed. They haven't replied to my reply yet but I'm hoping that will put me ahead in the line. Some people whose accounts were broken are up and working again, so it seems they're doing it little by little.
  • BlindBandits
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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I actually signed in with a friends iPad 1, and it continues to crash over & over again. Perhaps this game IS just RAM heavy and some older iPhones, iPods, or iPads can't handle it. Which is pretty unacceptable really... if a device can't handle the game, EA shouldn't make it readily available.

    Either way.
  • thejudd67
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    The iPad 1 and the older iPod Touch only have 256MB of RAM so that is an issue for those devices but I'm on my new iPad Mini (which has twice that) and I'm still experiencing issues.

    I just so happened to finish a major addition to my Springfield (a replica of the hedge maze from the Shining that takes up 15 squares with intricate landscaping) within about a couple hours of the update being released. I began to experience crashes so I cleared my entire friend list but the same problem persisted (I'm not hacking, nor am I playing on a jailbroken device) so I think it's more related to a bug in the update than it is friends with bad Springfields. That said, I added someone last night who pretty clearly is playing a hacked game and if I try to visit their Springfield the game crashes in about 30 seconds but it doesn't affect my Springfield at all.
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