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Let speculations begin!

I actually excepted someone else to start this thread as this persons always starts a thread about new updates when we just got one :D LOL

To answer your question look at my avatar <
. I did say that one of those skins will be in our update (hopefully) and it happened. LOL
Last year Witch Marge and Devil Flanders got Released and this year Count Burns :mrgreen:
Which one will be next year?


  • Cyanocitta21
    173 posts
    edited October 2013
    Well, since this year we are getting the zombie we had to tap last year...we'll get a gremlin to keep in our town next year maybe!

    A few weeks ago I was hoping to see them this Halloween. I am happy to see them included at all, but I hope we get to keep one permanently somehow (I really haven't read many spoilers, maybe we get one during the questline I don't know)
  • radekcep
    98 posts
    edited October 2013
    Off topic but

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