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Rod/Todd Ghost Glitch

How about storing the Sir Putts A lot? Try that. Maybe that will reset it for you.


  • brenden720448
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    edited October 2013
    Well it goes back to normal when the 4 hr task ends, so there aren't 2 Rod's moving around; however, during the 4 hr task Rod can get possessed and I can't tap the ghost to get the Goo. I had putts-a-lot from its original release, so would that still store Rod/Todd? Anyways, that would negate the original purpose: obtaining the Goo from Rod, because if I store him, i'd be resetting him anyway and losing the Goo.
    What should really be happening is either, 1) Rod/Todd can be possessed on the see-saw and still be tapped to get their goo on that location or 2) being able to tap that extra Rodd/Todd on its other location and obtain the Goo that way.
    As it stands now, neither of those works. I can't tap their see-saw action because the ghost isn't there. When I tap the possessed one wandering around, it moves my screen to their see-saw, which I can't tap anyway because there's no ghost on that location.
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