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Level 35 daily player looking for friends for Halloween event!



  • bzmonster
    10 posts
    edited October 2013
    Level 35 player with everything, no farms or hacks plz
  • xxSlater420xx
    14 posts
    edited October 2013
    Xxslater420xx daily player
  • Nick29789
    3 posts
    edited October 2013
    Nick29789 - Daily Player
  • bgarrett166
    86 posts Member
    edited October 2013
    Send another to [email protected] I got the good old error
  • crminky
    7 posts
    edited November 2013
    Add me crminky
    Daily player
    Level 35
    Started popping ghosts

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  • Calverish
    9 posts
    edited October 2013
    I have added everyone that has sent invites so far! Thank you!

    Still have room for more neighbors... :mrgreen:

    Impressed to see only one house farm so far! Nice city designs everyone!
  • Calverish
    9 posts
    edited October 2013
    I sent a request to you, Firekiller166. Hope it works this time... That error is a PITA!
  • Kragoths
    4 posts
    edited October 2013
    Kragoths. Daily player level 35
  • edited October 2013
    Please add! Level 35, gypsy built, gives gremlins.
  • Calverish
    9 posts
    edited October 2013
    Xxslater420xx, crminky, Nick29789: sent invites!

    There have been a few invites sent to me that gave me the good 'ol Origin error... :roll:
    I re-sent invites to those players!

    Thank you everyone for your speedy responses! Neighbor list is almost full! :D

    If anyone turns out to be a "deadbeat neighbor", I'll be cleaning up my list some more... so don't be afraid to send me an invite! If you don't hear back from me right away, my list is full... but that can change at any time. I don't decline invites unless I get the error message, in which case I'll send an invite back and hope for the best!

  • jules1809375
    15 posts
    edited October 2013
  • NitroniumSilver
    145 posts Member
    edited October 2013

    lvl 35, ghosts and grems ready.
  • edited October 2013
    Add ME PLZ! Dare2Master

    Just started popping ghosts and want to max out this event before time runs out like the stupid snake event.
    Daily player, usually on every hour or so.
  • bishop5649
    7 posts
    edited October 2013
    bishop5649 Add me Daily player and donut fiend! :D
  • BatSignal
    11 posts
    edited October 2013
    If you're a daily player, send your friend requests to Batsignal

    I've been playing for over a year (multiple times a day), and I'm really proud of my city. It's a work of art. :)

    I'm looking to form an awesome team of friends to help me win those special prizes. Thanks!
  • odbcakes
    16 posts
    edited October 2013
    Odbcakes - level 35, play ALL the time, visit friends everyday
  • sbeno068
    2 posts
    edited October 2013
    Add me, daily player :)

  • edited October 2013
    Saralizabeth1987 - daily player, just made some room in my friends list.
  • koops0617
    4 posts
    edited October 2013
    Add me! Koops0617
  • chucknukles
    29 posts
    edited October 2013
    Im ready debster1111
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