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Level 23 Players (and others who want to join in) - How much of a cash reserve are you aiming for?

Probably $300k is a safe bet, remember the last building was $207,000.


  • thejudd67
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    edited November 2012
  • joshhuffman
    298 posts
    edited November 2012
    Dude I thought I was set with $300k and the last update still had me saving for half a day. If the next update is two levels I would just save money and buy more land after you find out how much cash you need for the next level(s).
  • bartap74
    144 posts
    edited November 2012
    207K was enough for the last new building, but then I needed another (approx.) 60K for the balloons. I'm going to shoot for 300K.
  • rs876
    874 posts
    edited November 2012
    Ha! I wish I could keep a cash reserve. I don't have all of the buildings (Channel 6, Krabappel, Post Office) because I keep blowing my money on land. At the moment I am maxed out on Level 23 XP's and have less than $1000. Hahahaha.
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