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Ok ... So is it just me, or are any of you starting to feel overly protective of your Springfield? I mean, I get upset when buildings don't fit exactly where I want it. I hated when my friends would TP and egg messing with the beauty that I have striven to achieve. I am also beginning to like the way my pants feel when I pull the waist line up to my armpits. I can't believe this ... I am turning into my grandpa! It is just me isn't it? Ehrmaged! HELP! HELP!

Quiet Gramps and pull your damn pants up.

(it is a fun game though.)



  • rolybert7
    2776 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    Dont feel bad! I am constantly changing things. That is the fun of the game. That is why I dont understand why some are bored. If once you built your town it had to stay that way I would get bored but the fact that you can store everything and build a completely different town any time you want is cool. :thumbup:
  • sonny1618
    1543 posts New member
    edited November 2012
    Ha ha! I know that feel bro.
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