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What would you think is the proper response ... Or ... Stupid is as stupid does!

Is there a reason why you're being so protective and selective with your friending? I'd think connecting directly with people from this forum as a result of interaction is about as good as it gets for the social part of this game. Aside from my few IRL friends, I enjoy visiting the towns of the people here the most.

Nice to be popular though, eh?


  • c-rod970
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    edited November 2012
    Call me selective or an elitist if you will, but I do enjoy the interaction this board, maybe even as much as the game itself. What I do not like is the same as we see when people who do not take the time to, I don't know, actually look at the user name of the person they want to add as a friend or look to see if a topic hasn't been discussed in maybe 100 other threads ...

    And as for being protective, dam skippy! I just went through a week where I could not access my friends because of corrupted data on one or more of my friends' Springfields ... So, I do test every friend I add or accept mow to make sure they do break my access to the friends I already have. As far as popularity goes, my highest friend count was 55, which is far far below the friend counts of others on here and I am not trying to win a Mr. Popularity contest.

    So, all that being said, I am not naming names, I am not creating a sheet storm over this. I am just seeing where people would stand on this ... Peace out!

    Also, they can figure out how to PM me, but they can't figure out my user name to add me as a friend ... That is reay the point of this post ...
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