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maude's tasks

Yea it uses Homer tho.
I wanted to progress the main quest.
had to store gypsy house and reset


  • AmauryL284
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    edited October 2013
    Her 8 hour task to get revenge on homer is awesome. Plus it gives goo. She tries to shoot him with t shirts. So glad this is a task. I gotta find out how to get screen shots on my galaxy s4 so I can share or someone else can post of they have it going on in their town

    Yea, it uses Homer and he's tied up for like 4 days worth of tasks in the beginning. Haven't seen Maude and Homer yet together.
  • Dj_Virile
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    edited October 2013
    Note to OP, to screen shot press the power button and home button and hold it until the screen flashes and you hear a shutter sound
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