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  • kevwha22
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    dcacooper wrote:
    Nogard0 wrote:
    it really irks me that they expect everyone to be able to,afford donuts . i am on a limited budget and cant afford buying them. even if i had never used a donut i would not have 150 before halloween is over !!! there should be an alternative in game money way to get the ray gun. or it drops or a donut truck turns over just collect the donuts.

    robble robble robble grrrrr !!!

    I'd agree with that. The game makes some smart comment along the lines of humans possibly being too mean to buy the gun and then gives you the opportunity to buy it. I purchased 300 donuts and then bought Witch Marge and something else with the rest. It's not fair on people who can't justify spending real money in my view.

    In the whole pantheon of freemium games, TSTO lets you play much more of a full role in the game without spending any money at all then many similar games do. I have been playing for over a year, without ever spending a penny, and only very occasionally have I really coveted a premium item.

    You get to take part in the special events, such as Halloween, you get to level up in the same way as players willing to pay, and there is no sense that the game is "rigged" to exclude non-payers from the important content. Nearly all of the premium stuff is a bonus rather than the backbone of the game ... you can still complete the whole Halloween questline and get all of the personal and community prizes without spending a penny, for example. You can also have a completed Krustyland, and a well populated Squidport, as well as the bulk of the best known Simpsons characters and locations.

    That said, I did finally drop some cash because I wanted Kang and Kodos, but I could have lived without them (as I did last Halloween).

    The bottom line is, for people to continue to play this game, EA need to keep developing it and providing regular content updates. If they don't make any money, they won't do that, and in order for them to make money, players have to want to spend money on additional content over and above the fundamentals ... so the premium stuff has be worth spending real money on.

    If everything was provided for free (and I am including spending in-game cash as being free) then the game would soon wither and die.

  • jacko_9997
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    Once you reach 3k goo, if you don't have kang you get him for free. Those who bought the ray gun last year, so they don't feel ripped off, kodos is free for them now whereas the other players have to now buy the ray gun to get her. Simples :lol:
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