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Tracking Characters Idea

why don't you just zoom out?


  • Spenson66
    557 posts Member
    edited October 2013
    I know you are new but this idea has been thrown around a lot people really want it. It would make the game easier yes and EA does read the forums we have recently proven that. With the question dialog where Lisa was told to Read the Tapped Out Forums. 2 of the names listed in the ending dialog are spoof names of people in the forums. So we know that they read the forums and it might happen one day if people keep asking.
  • MaxxSpider
    5465 posts Member
    edited October 2013
    i think this has been brought up hundreds of times.

    I still think the best solution is "Angry Mob" Task

    would be the most fun to see in your town
  • dynamicradio
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    edited October 2013
    why don't you just zoom out?

    You can't see everything zoomed out if your town is big
  • knird
    13 posts
    edited October 2013
    not sure if this helps but... I enter into edit mode and I toggle off the houses and decorations. It's not a huge help but I think the characters "pop out" more.

    Otherwise, I've seen a neighbor of mine who just created one small road and the entire SF population roams that crowded street. functionality vs. aesthetics?
  • simbass7
    1928 posts New member
    edited October 2013
    Great idea :thumbup: I hope EA is reading it ;)
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