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Snorky... Not... Move

People stay in the same spot when you leave Springfield. They only move around while you stay in Springfield, at least that's what I've experienced with this game.


  • stile99
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    edited October 2013
    SplFrcsCWO wrote:
    Snorky, Kang, and Kodos are no longer roaming my Springfield. When I return to the game Snorky sometimes has moved a few hops but that's it. My wife doesn't have them yet but several of her characters are also frozen in place. Is this a known glitch?

    A very large number of my characters seem to be frozen with fear as well, and this is while playing the game. When they finish a job, they just stand where the are, they don't return to the roadways. Those that are on the roadways, just stand there not moving up and down them.
  • frogger53
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    edited October 2013
    I haven't experienced anything like this. I know some tasks for Kodos and Kang make them stand in one spot, otherwise they are moving around. By frozen, do you mean they are not doing anything at all standing still? Snorky should do flips and make dolphin noises when you tap him.
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