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Spooktackular Bonus Glitch?

88KEYS62 wrote:
So, according to the game and what I have read here, once you reach 10,000 goo you get a bonus for every subsequent 2,000 goo you obtain.

In my game the counter is off. I have a total of 11,047 goo but the candy icon in my quest list shows I only have 929 toward my first bonus. That's 118 off.

Not a big deal, just wondering if this is happening to anyone else. :-)

It shouldn't be a candy icon; that's what we had last Halloween. This year it's a purple goo canister.


  • johncolombo
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    after you reach 10,000 Goo, you get a candy icon in your task book which keeps reminding you to check how much extra goo you have. Like when it wants you to collect money from 10 shops or 20 houses. I have a candy icon anyway too. It only appears in the task book as candy after 10,000 Goo.
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