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Legs and Louie Glitch??? 1 Hour Task Locked?

Hi, I just entered My Springfield to put my characters on 1 hour tasks and when I tried to put Legs and Louie on their 1 hour task to Interrogate a Squealer, their menu said that it is locked. I have done this task 100s of times before and I tried to put Fat Tony's Compound in my inventory and place it again but it still was not usable. I shut down the app and opened it again, but it still did not work. I play on a Kindle Fire and I am a Level 35 player with the most current updates during the Halloween Event. Has anyone had this happen to them? Will it just correct itself at some point and go away just like it came? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Problem solved, while remodeling I must have deleted my River that is required for the task. Sorry for the post.
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