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I'm just going to consolidate a few complaints in this topic.



  • frogger53
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    edited October 2013
    Special items from story tie-ins make each update special and it separates them from the rest. Anyone playing at that particular time will get special items that will not be offered again. I can see why they do it and I don't see anything wrong with it. No use "crying over spilled milk!"
  • nickfantinat
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    I will say that Kang and Kodos flying around in the mothership would have been a better 2-person task, ex strange proton strings REALLY creeps me out.

    No, the long protein strands one is a good idea, but executed wrong. They should turn into Bill Clinton and Bob Dole and walk around holding hands.
  • nickfantinat
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    JoshSherer wrote:
    2 points to make:

    1. I have definitely seen Kang flying in neighbors towns AFTER Halloween ended (I wasn't even around last October). I have yet to see an explanation for that unless of course it was neighbors that hack.

    2. With regard to the Mayan/black hole stuff, I don't care if they were episode tie-ins. So what? First off, they tell us to "collect them all!" but don't allow us to collect Mayan God. How about changing the slogan to "collect some but not all of these as its not possible!"

    Second, there is still money to be made for these products. Just like how all the Halloween stuff from last year were episode tie-ins to some simpsons episode, and they brought it back because they knew they could get extra money out of us.

    Just because the black hole and Mayan stuff advertised newer episodes, does not mean they should be gone. EA did all the work of designing, programming, and implementing them into the game. Now they just need to make it purchasable again. They are in the business of making money, so let them make some money.

    And I don't want to hear that it "wouldn't make sense". This is a simpsons video game. It's not supposed to make sense.

    I have had Kang since the very second I was able to obtain him and he never ever once ever had a task that made him fly. How could he? I SHOT DOWN HIS SHIP.
  • bobbell234
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    stile99 wrote:
    3. Even if the conter is rigged, it was put there so we woulden't rip each other apart (about stealing GOO from each other) ...

    3. There is no method in the game that can steal goo from anyone else.
    Um, wrong, stile99, read up on double haunting.
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