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Max number of Friends allowed??

Does anybody know what the Max number of friends you can have is? I know this goes through the Origin account and not TSTO, but I can find anywhere that says an exact number.... Don't know if one of my fellow avid players may know this or already hit this limit.
The short answer is 100 ("Other Springfield" counts as one of those.) some weird glitches for some people have kept them below that, but if all goes well, it's 100.


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    You rock annettemarc. Thanks for the 411...
  • cvf007
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    I think I just hit the 100 mark. "Other Springfield" counts as 101
  • annettemarc
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    See that? Speaking of "weird glitches" ... PeaTearGriffin just sent me a friend request, I show 99 friends, and it won't let me add him/her ... I get the same error message as i did the other day once i reached 99. It doesn't mention that I reached my limit, but at that time I accepted it because I'd seen a post saying that Other Springfield counted.

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