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First Lisa missing, then total freeze

I've played TSTO since march 2012, and sadly spent a lot of money on this game. The summer if 2012 my origin account was unaccessable for approx. three months. In frustration I made an extra account who is still working fine, but I have not spent any money on it. Last christmas I suffered the chimes of death bug. It prevented me from playing for a few weeks and left me unable to reach completion of tasks and get some rewards. Still i kept playing when it started working again, 'cause of love for the game/show. I do understand that there is bound to be some bugs in a new game. But I was counting on EA, a year and a half in, to work out the kinks and make it more or less bug free over time. This last update however, has been a nightmare (no pun) and has left me utterly frustrated. I've had the Missing Lisa bug for a week now, unable to progress. I've been patiently waiting for a fix, and then EA manages to add insult to injury by giving my origin account the dredded freeze problem. (Completly freezes just seconds in. No problem with the other account on device.) This is no way to treat a loyal and paying customer. I sincerly hope EA can rectify this situation. I do not need any try re-installing / shut down tips. Tried every tip i found online. The problem is the account. This is your fault EA, not mine, to parafrase the game. Origin id : djcortado
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