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screensot of lisa walking on water

Save us, Jeebus!


  • KrustyBrand
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    edited November 2012
    Not to crab too much, but...

    I understand that because of the way that towns are sometimes set up, characters will on occasion have to egregiously violate the laws of physics in order to get from Point A to B. But in my own town, I often see characters walking through buildings or fences or shrubs when they could just as easily have walked around them if the programmers had made the extra effort. No big deal, but it sorta bugs me on occasion.
  • DohMoe
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    edited November 2012
    There should be boats or something you could put as a decoration, that characters could actually USE. My Muntz House is trapped with water along the right and bottom (it's in the top-right corner), so I could put the Krabappel Apartment near it and not make it look ironic..
  • WaLkiNoNwAtErR
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    edited November 2012
    I taught her well
  • spiffshine
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    edited November 2012
    I taught her well

    Touch?. :wink:
  • Butterflybaby9
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    edited November 2012
    Save us, Jeebus!

    Haha. I use this line all the time!
  • Jameh20
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    edited November 2012
    I say burn the witch
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