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Connection Speed Requirements?

dcline414 wrote:
I mostly play TSTO over a wifi connection, and do not experience significant issues when playing, but have recently learned that the game is now completely unplayable over a cellular connection. I do have around 200 buildings and 15 characters in my own Springfield, and also have 118 friends, so I am sure I am pushing the limits (especially during peak times).

My cable Internet connection is 16mbps down / 3mbps up, which I find to be around 95% reliable for loading my own town and around 70% reliable for visiting friends.

My 3G connection varies, but is typically around .5mbps down / .05mbps up. I find that I can load my own Springfield about 30% of the time, but cannot complete more than 5-10 actions before being kicked out, and cannot even load the screen to visit friends. So I am virtually unable to play unless I have a wifi connection.

It seems to me like a fairly high speed connection is required to make the game playable, but I don't know if that is due to the size of my own town, the number of neighbors I have, or some of the recent updates. What do others who play on more than one network see as far as your connection speeds, the size of your town, number of friends you have, and how often the game crashes?

I believe the problem is your upload is extremely slow. However, the 4.0 client contains improvements that should reduce the overall size of your user data and therefore might make the game playable over your 3G connection.

Look for the 4.0 client to be released within the next month or two.



  • dcline414
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    Thanks for the quick response!

    I suspected that the upload speed was the issue in interacting with my own Sprinfield, as there shouldn't be too much downloading happening as I tap on things. But is the periodic inability to load the list of my friends due to my download speed? It seems to try to load for about a minute before timing out, and that happens even on a wifi connection. It also seems to happen most between 5-9pm EST, which makes me wonder if it is sometimes caused by server congestion on EA's end.

    Is there any recommended limit for the number of friends, or any known threshold where attempting to visit friends may be more likely to time out? (It has recently been rumored here that there are increased issues over 100 or 120 friends.)
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