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Which button should I tap?

Keep in mind that I was one of the people whose level 35 town was replaced by a lower level town (level 4 in my case). So I don't want that town to have been saved, I want it to revert back to my previous level 35 town.


  • datasurgeon
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    edited October 2013
    If you pick "play now" is your best chance (maybe lose some money and xp you earned since the last sync). If you pick OK, it should exit so you can go back to your device. (which it will always do if you pick OK)

    Ultimately it is up to you to choose; because I don't want you to stalk me if the worse happens
  • Remy3000
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    edited October 2013
    Thanks for the help. No worries if it doesn't work, I was just looking for some advice. Ultimately this game is an EA product, so the fault lies with them if it doesn't work properly. I came here looking for some help because it's so much more efficient than contacting EA.
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