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gremlin counter in the minus

aaannnttt2 wrote:
is this happening to anyone else? it sometimes goes to -1 or -2

Yep. It means you have gremlins but the counter hasn't caught up. If u go back to your sf it'll reset to the correct amount


  • direwolf987
    7450 posts Member
    edited October 2013
    Ya. What happens is: as you collect you get gremlins, if you do not collect all the gremlins/goo or let the thank you message appear than your gremlin/goo counter is not updated (they still get collected but do not show up until you go back to your main town). The negative gremlins are the gremlins you have but do not show in your gremlin/goo counter.

    Example: You have 3 gremlins when you start collecting. Your first town you get two gremlins from ghost/haunting. You log out before you collect the gremlins or they are auto collected. You gremlin count is still at 3 but you actually have a total of 5 gremlins. When you go into the next town your gremlin count still shows 3, but you actually have 5 to place. The gremlin counter on your friends page (top right corner) show you can only place 3 gremlins because your gremlin count is at 3, but you actually have 5. So when you place the 5 gremlins you actually have, your friends gremlin counter (top right corner) shows -2.

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