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SCORE!!! Part Deux!



  • danejm
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    MaxxSpider wrote:
    danejm wrote:
    MaxxSpider wrote:
    danejm wrote:
    MaxxSpider wrote:
    paul4ro wrote:
    "D'eux"- The proper spelling.

    Academically speaking it means, "of them" or "about them".

    "D'eux" is also French for the natural number following one and preceding three.

    English is hard and French is even worse.

    You are wrong. The French spelling for the number two does not have any apostrophe.


    it is spelled "deux" not d'eux or duex

    Ur face is duex

    what ever you say loser
    if you cant read English or speak it you should probably not be posting on here
    i know you learned the word "face" and want to show everyone that you know it even if you cannot put it in a sentence

    Face reality bro, you're deux for a lesson in humility.


    whatever you say sis
    you are a big pile of number Deux


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