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Characters you didn't know where missing?

Martin showed up today after being gone for God knows how long. I forgot he was even in the game.


  • brenden720448
    83 posts
    edited October 2013
    Wow, so they automatically fixed it with an update? Last night I finally decided to find out who I was missing. I had a character stuck out in the land somewhere and I went through the hassle of listing all the characters I had, then found out it was Grandpa Simpson. If only I waited 1 more day...I could have saved some time.
  • Gizmobanger
    42 posts
    edited October 2013
    STILL missing Kang. or Kodos. dammit. the free one is missing.
  • Marcovarius
    558 posts
    edited October 2013
    got mine back but hewas hiding. are you sureyou checked everywhere?
  • DJDK-ec
    898 posts
    edited October 2013
    Lol :mrgreen:. This is why I found Smithers walking around drunk earlier. I could not figure out when I last sent him on that task. It must of been 2 weeks ago.
  • gotemcoach82
    87 posts
    edited October 2013
    My Stv was coming out of skinner house when I went house tapping earlier today
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