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spend or save!?!?!

the cannon may or not be back next Halloween; Barney will be around


  • empathy77
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    edited October 2013
    Barney is over priced at 250 donuts, you can get Otto for 120 I think, Fink's lab isnt too expensive either
  • MaxxSpider
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    edited October 2013
    last year the ray gun dropped in price from 150 to 100 near the end of the event
    i am hoping this will be the case again and if not i will be buying the ray gun and Kodos at about November 3rd.
    I am fortunate that i was able to get the bowlarama and Barney for santa coins as he seems quite expensive for a character that doesnt give a premium payout
  • neuroheart
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    edited October 2013
    Well, if I had the donuts, I would buy the ray gun and get Kodos. Here's why:
    As you said, it's limited time.
    Ray gun offers a 3.75% bonus on all jobs, on top of getting a character. (And there's also the crashed UFO, but I don't know what kind of bonus it gives, if any.)
    Kodos is a premium character with premium payout. I think Barney actually is not, as the Bowlarama was originally a special event item that was later offered for donuts.
    MaxxSpider wrote:
    last year the ray gun dropped in price from 150 to 100 near the end of the event

    I really hope this happens again! I've got 82 donuts right now, I could totally make it to 100 by November if I keep getting those bonus boxes!
  • sdv325
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    edited October 2013
    Ray gun for sure, could wait to see if it drops.

    You get Kudos, a ray gun (kangs) and a second crashed ray gun.

    A premium character and about 5-6% in bonus for 150, best deal that i've ever seen, consider jimbo is 120 lol
  • GamerGD3
    3029 posts New member
    edited October 2013
    olie08 wrote:
    Okay so I've amassed about 175 donuts since I've started playing I've never bought any and ive only spent four by accident befor I knew I could have the confirmation thing. I've been saving all my donut to by barney/barneys bowlarama as he seems like the most integral simpsons character I don't have but instead I was wondering should I get the laser cannon kodos (or kang i forget what one I have and which I need) and the downed space ship for 150 donuts you seem to get a lot and its limited time so maybe ill never have the chance again but in reality I want barney more. So you weigh in, give me some pros and cons and your advice on what you think I should do

    Sounds like you'd rather have Barney, but here is what you were looking for.

    +less donuts
    +premium jobs (50% more than normal characters)
    +premium decoration (someone said 3.75% or something?) - adds this percent onto every dollar and xp you make
    +2 decorations (crash site, plus a fresh ray gun decoration)
    +easier to decorate/incorporate into Springfield
    - I'd say it has a weaker task less than Barney.

    +premium building (unlocks 20 hour tasks for Ned and Homer for premium payout)
    +better task list (lay in the gutter, sober up, binging - all great outdoor tasks)
    -more donuts
    -normal priced jobs (won't earn additional cash)
    -single decoration
    -harder to decorate (the ground it defaults with is an off-color pavement than the one we have, so it looks funny either on grass or pavement)
  • Ieuan_Richards
    116 posts
    edited October 2013
    Kodos has a 10hr task with Kang aswell
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