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EA, I don't want you to reset my game!


Please read that page, if you experienced no issues you will be fine, but anyone 1-6 will be reset to start. Anyone above 7 will have their buildings missing but will be repaid the donuts. :)


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    edited June 2012
    I literally had hundreds of blue houses though. It took me forever to build that many.

    What's going to happen to those? Will they give me the cash for them?
  • baybiegurl
    14 posts
    edited June 2012
    That I'm not sure about sorry :(
  • jgavril982r
    10 posts
    edited June 2012
    I was on level 20 and could not get back into the game for the past three weeks. I just loged in and guess what wiped clean. This sucks all that time.
  • ter3a
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    edited June 2012
    actually I had non of these problems till Monday, (other than the $500 mysterbox that I thought was normal). Now, after reaching level 19, I am now at level 10. You can't imagine how 3 months of game play is lost into thin air like that!!

    I hope that the EA technical support puts me back into level 19.
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