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The big green

Store the Muntz house, then replace it. I think that should take care of your problem.


  • bren1960
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    missyolga wrote:
    I had a task with Bart, dolph and nelson,

    Nelson was missing and when i tried to let him do his task , my screen brought me outside of my town,

    I think nelson is lost somewhere in the big green while trying to get some treats , going back with the arrow brought me then really on the edge of my town, but nelson wasnt there :shock:


    Yea, it's land you own & they will wonder. Mine do too
  • missyolga
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    i waited untill his task was finished, but he was still gone. So i did store the muntz house and then he was back.

    Thanks fastdan
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  • verov143
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    He's running away from home :wink: :P
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