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Game working for first time since Thanksgiving update

EA said at facebook today that they fixed the bug :)

But grandpa is still telling stories :evil: :twisted:


  • jasonicus321
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    edited November 2012
    Yeah, what's funny is, now I am getting random disconnects, which I didn't before this supposed fix they just put in. A-holes.
  • itsmedanshep
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    edited November 2012
    Didn't see the Facebook post. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Kavilesa
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    edited November 2012
    EA Announcement on Facebook:

    We are aware that some players have been experiencing game crashes following the release of the Thanksgiving content on November 8th. We believe we have fixed the problem and players should no longer experience the crash that was preventing them from playing. We'd like to sincerely apologize and say thank you for your continued commitment and passion for The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

    While most play
    ers should see the fixed automatically, if you are still experiencing the crash, please:
    1. Minimize the game
    2. Double-click the Home button
    3. Press and hold on the Game Icon at the bottom of the screen until the red circle appear.
    4. Tap the circle to close the Game.
    5. Relaunch the game from the App Icon.
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  • winstonrhodes
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    edited November 2012
    **** IT WORKS AGAIN!!! :)) thank you EA!!!
    Although... after 2 weeks of "cold turkey"... (sorry, I had to... it WAS the thanksgiving update after all that killed it) I now have the difficult decision whether to go back to playing! I've had 2 weeks to learn "other" things to do rather than fiddle with my Springfield!
    It like an addiction... Do I go back to it now that my "dealer" is back in town?? Or run and save the heartbreak of "next crash"??



  • battyguy
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    edited November 2012
    Is it me or is the thanksgiving stuff a bit anticlimactic :P ?
    Is there anyone out there?
  • winstonrhodes
    38 posts
    edited November 2012
    battyguy wrote:
    Is it me or is the thanksgiving stuff a bit anticlimactic :P ?

    Personally, balloons mean nothing to me signifying Thanksgiving. I had to have someone remind me that in the US they have a parade with them to celebrate... which I'm still not sure I understand. Big balloons = Thanksgiving? Uh... Sure! Why not?!

    My big hopes are for the Christmas update! I really want snow!! And Christmas lights!

  • KingVicc
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    edited November 2012
    So Cletus was also fixed?
  • kurtco19942
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    edited December 2012
    is anyone having problems logging into their town? I installed the game on my ipad and I have one account and my husband has another. We are both maxed out levels. I can get into my game no problem but my husband cannot. He gets the message " There is a level 5 springfield already on this device, is this your springfield" when you click no, it makes you create a new one. It has been like this for atleast a month. With all the money he spent on donuts, he's pretty pissed. I've tried erasing the app and reinstalling but this does not help. Any suggestions?
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