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Scratch off payouts improved?

Since the halloween update I've noticed I'm hitting the better payouts with more frequency . not as many bombs.

I'm getting the exact opposite. I've never seen more bombs than now in my duration of the scratch offs.

Before I'd see a bomb (or bombs) like once a week. Now I see them daily. Almost every scratch.


  • Aennilya
    636 posts
    edited October 2013
    "Lucky" and "unlucky" streaks are just the nature of odds and statistics and nothing to read anything into. But then we all know that. It's like that thread about which balloons to pop. Same color? Different colors? But then you might think, "My kid hasn't spilled anything using the red cup," or, "That cab driver who got me to my meeting on time even though I was running late was wearing a green shirt," etc. It's **** and we know it but find ourselves getting wrapped up in it anyway. And then … scratch … or pop …. and … darn! What was I thinking? Then of course there's my favorite: "But, wait. What did I do last time I won?"
  • TheFrinkLink
    106 posts
    edited October 2013
    I always seem to get bombs. Think I have only hit the jackpot once. Every day without fail I get $500 and the other 'scratch' seems to vary between $350 and $1250.
  • Dj_Virile
    78 posts
    edited October 2013
    Right when the patch hit i had a lucky streak of like 4 jackpots but now these last few weeks it has been nothing but bombs... :cry:
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