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Dr.Hibbert quest line stopped

I'm having the exact same issue. I sent Quimby for a check-up, but nothing happened after that. I've had everyone in Springfield free since that, and nothing. I made sure that Mr. Burns was walking around as Mr. Burns and not Count Burns, just to be sure.


  • LPNintendoITA
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    tabimint wrote:
    Hello everyone I'm currently a level 27 player and recently built the Hibbert family practice. The last task I was able to complete it's send Quimby for a checkup. After that I'm supposed to have a Mr.Burns task but I don't see it anywhere. I've tried putting back Mr.Burns and Hibbert but still don't see the task.
    The current tasks in my task book are build the burns manor, build the frying Dutchman, send count burns to the hospital, and the olive branch part 2.
    Hope someone can help me soon.
    try to do count burns one as well as the others. Since two are tied in with burns it probably stops the other one from working.
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  • IamEGP
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    I'm having the exact same issue. I can't complete the Count Burns quest because it requires the Hospital to be built. But I can't build the hospital because I can't get the next Dr. Hibbert quest (Have Mr. Burns hide nuclear waste) to activate. The last thing I did was have Quimby go for a check-up. Mr. Burns should have had a quest bubble above his head afterwards, but it never appeared. HELP!
  • Pakelika83
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    Hey guys, I was having this same problem and the quest started for me tonight. But not until after Burns Mansion was built. Not sure if others have that already or not, but mine started up after that was complete.
  • NSadian
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    Same problem here. I've let them roam the Springfield task-free for the last 12 hours, and nothing. I'll try to build another orange house as well as to store Cooling towers and Hibbert's practice. I hope that will help.

    Burns manor is half-way built, so before starting mentioned actions, I will wait to see if that will start the events going.

    EDIT: Storing and rebuilding Cooling towers solved the issue.
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  • tiredoldguy
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    You have to have Burns Manor complete for the quest to continue. After my Burns Manor completed, the quest continued as expected.
  • Diedblack
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    I have the same problem, I think that Halloween quest with Count Burns has insert a bug in the game...
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