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Ban Josh

Why bring it up now? Did you flag his post?


  • JoshSherer
    1640 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    I love having so many topics on the front page dedicated to me. So many people are jealous of how amazing I truly am.
  • Pull_Up_A_Chair
    896 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    Why would you care if he's here or not? I don't agree with him 100% but so what. You would really hate my web page because I rarely ban people for making jokes unless it involves racism or other hate speech ... The interwebs are filled with outrage and ****.

    Josh has a lot going for him.

    Grammar, check

    Well thought out critique, check

    **** level, off. Check

    I bet he never flags you for posting a post that is essentially "calling someone out" -A standard forum violation.
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