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crop share failed

Uninstall then re-install?


  • datasurgeon
    1878 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    I found perfection a real pain. You have to right on top of it when it peaks as it rots rapidly. Cant get just skip it; Certainly not worth the trouble of re-installing
  • annettemarc
    7747 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    Datasurgeon is correct. It turns to a huge bright red flower at the 45-second mark, stays that way for a nanosecond, and then wilts. If you don't tap at the instant it's red, it won't count as a "harvest". I learned THAT one the hard way ... No credit, dollars or XP for numerous consecutive, just-after-the-nick-of-time taps.

    Try that.
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  • rnico2012
    75 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    Thanks guys! It worked by waiting on it! Glad I got that out of the way! Very weird though… Never noticed that before...
  • JoshWB123
    112 posts
    edited November 2013
    That happend for me aswell. I think you have to wait for it and click it as soon as it is completed.

    Hope that helps.
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