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  • smith3198
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    edited November 2013
    I'm glad you guys can agree to disagree. Each man is entitled to his own opinion as long as you don't attack the other person for what they believe,
    It's good to have spirited discussions. But remain gentlemen.
  • pignagain
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    edited November 2013
    If I had to say my 5 favorite bands, they would be(in no order)
    Oingo boingo
    Skinny puppy
    Dr. Dog
  • Bravewall
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    edited November 2013
    pignagain wrote:
    If I had to say my 5 favorite bands, they would be(in no order)
    Oingo boingo
    Skinny puppy
    Dr. Dog
    It's hard to name mine, because my taste in music changes with the wind. I latch on to a style, immerse myself in it, and move on. Here's some of my all time favourites:

    David Wilcox
    Grand Funk Railroad
    Cannibal Ox
    Barrington Levy
    Wu Tang
    Bill Withers
    Salome de Bahia

  • Kozzi59
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    edited February 2014
    emmcee1 wrote:
    emmcee1 wrote:
    Yeah ok man, i have to stop here because its like bashing my head against the wall, your totally missing my point, it's like it blew right over your head, it worked on you didnt it? Just like billion of other people, now I know exatcly, there is no point going on about this because you will never understand, and if I keep this discussion going, there is no way I can explain my point of view without it offending you, so it's best we stop here. You can say what you like about me and thinking I don't know this and that, but it's you that is making ME laugh and making others like myslef laugh aswell, and there are a few on here, trust me, I've been here a while and got to know quite a few people.

    And before you jump to another conclusion, there not tupac fans either, just people who see the world for how it "really" is.

    Ohh and another thing your wrong about, I don't "idolise" Eminem, he doesn't even make it into my top 10 of greatest ever mc's

    I agree we put it too closer.

    Not that i want the last word, but we can shake hands if it's comming to not understanding eachother, bashing heads and laughters.


    Keep enjoying your music you love, i will do mine :wink:
    yeah exactly, Iam not going hate on anybody who listen to what they want, this is just my opinion and iam glad we could come to a resolution, weather it be what we want or not. It's cool you just like hip hop, where I come from,not many at all, mainly heavy mental heads.

    Hey! who you calling a heavy mental head? :twisted:

    I love mental ... i mean, metal!
  • emmcee1
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    edited February 2014
    This song is brilliant if you understand the hidden message.

    "Stranger in Moscow" Michael Jackson

  • MrJuanMata
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    edited February 2014
    The beat in this song is crazy..
  • cooldaddy421
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    edited May 2014

    this one of my fav vids...
  • Ningyo42
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    edited May 2014
    Awesome, we have some Asian music in this thread, but I didn't see my favorite (not just in j-pop, but overall), Ayumi Hamasaki! :)

    Here's a somewhat recent song by her that has some English in it "do it again":

    I just love her voice, for some reason. I understand some of the Japanese, but I'm far from fluent. Hope you like it!
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