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Ipad Questions and advise.

Are you asking which iPad to buy, or what to get in TSTO? If it's about iPads, do NOT get the 3rd gen (the first "retina" one); Apple doesn't even sell it anymore because the graphics are slow. In TSTO, the lag in animation is frustrating and a little nauseating. I'm saving my pennies (well, it will take a while) to get the 5th gen that just came out.


  • mwdalton
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    edited November 2013
    Yes, the new iPad Air looks magic :D
  • meduusje
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    edited November 2013
    Doing the same thing!
    My bf has the previous version so the 4th gen...
    Was planning to get that seeing they were on sale here...
    But after some research it turned out that the newest one was only 50 euro more.. So went for the new one..
    Do have to wait seeing it was sold out already :-(
    With memory it all depends what exactly you are going to put on here...if you want a lot of music and movies you might want more...
    The bf has 32 has a bit of music on there and does just fine so i went for that too...
    Seeing i still have my ipod for music...

    Cant waitbto play tsto on it! Hope it crashes less!
  • GamerGD3
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    I am finally going to switch from my little android phone to an Ipad. Just so lost on what to get. I have read and read so many sites. It's just a bunch of run around, So to my Simpsons friends. Help a girl out please. Any info or well anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    With the way Apple treats it's products, you want the newest one on the market. Getting an older one or used one can and will limit you in the future.

    I know from playing the game on an iPod Touch, last year they required IOS 6, which iPod Touch gen 1, 2 could not receive this. So those people missed out on last year's Halloween. IOS 7 is brand new, and probably soon TSTO will require it at some point, and then eliminates iPod Touch gen 4 and older.

    Now with iPad, they've been a little more generous and still supporting iPad 2 getting IOS 7, but I have heard that it can bog it down and make it run slower. So with that in mind, the iPad 2 may be quick to be unsupported sooner than later. iPad gen 3 and gen 4 were 'retired' meaning Apple has axed them completely, so it may be uncertain when they get cut off the IOS updates. It may be a while, or it could be with IOS 8, who knows.

    So if you are wanting an iPad, I highly suggest the iPad Air and/or iPad Mini with retina display (the newer one). These should hold off the longest and you'll get a long while to enjoy them with TSTO.
  • camiller497
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    If you like Android, why not consider an android tablet? My household has both phones and tablets with both operating systems, so I am kind of familiar with both. Personally I am using a Galaxy S3 for a phone and a Hisense Sero7 Pro tablet. The tablet is a little short on memory, but has a decent screen and a tegra CPU. It is really rather good for a third tier manufacturer, and was/is $129 at Walmart. Alternatively, the current generation Google nexus 7 has some good specs, as does the nexus 10 if you want a bigger screen.
  • datasurgeon
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    edited November 2013
    I am using Samsung 10.1, I have had no problem with TSTO or anything else yet. I keep finding new things to do with it even after 18 months. (and I have had computers since '86)
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