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Golden Homer Buddha

Resist the urge unless you badly want 3 white fences or the dreaded mystery box that ends up giving you a tree.


  • mbonizzoni303
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    edited November 2013
    Lately, ive been gambling on them, mostly get Apple trees, tree swings, planters, small stuff.
  • edited November 2013
    It's funny you mention that as earlier i decided to buy 2 Homer Buddhas. The first one gave me an apple tree and the second gave me Hans Moleman. :D Too bad it was only on an account rarely use.
  • adruralo
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    edited November 2013
    I have 40 donuts left and could buy two and maybe get something worth a lot of donuts. Thoughts?
    It's completely pot luck. Remember the better premium items are more rare to get that the white picket fence.
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  • LanceUppercut808
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    edited November 2013
    For 40 donuts, i would just buy a premium decoration that increases my multiplier...i think the ones for 40 donuts are around 2.0% bonus (please correct me if that's wrong) and that helps you collect money lots faster, especially after you get several premium items with multipliers.
    My luck with Homer Buddhas has been pretty dismal; I'd rather just buy something that's a sure thing.
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited November 2013
    Buy the burning tires its better then the buddha
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